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Toronto Star, April 7, 2011 - (Jedwabne) victim count discredited

Victim count discredited

Published On Thursday, April 7, 2011

Re: Star of dark Our Class brings dramatic heft to roles, Entertainment, March 31

This article made claims about the 1941 massacre of Jews in Jedwabne that have been authoritatively discredited. An investigation conducted by the Commission for the Investigation of Crimes against the Polish Nation concluded that the victim count was not 1,600, as the article claims, but several hundred. The investigation also concluded that the massacre was organized by the German invaders and that only a relatively small number of townspeople participated.

Recently found documents confirm that the Germans made use of agents to instigate pogroms. They paid thugs and incited persons whose relatives had been denounced by Jews to the Soviets. These were not spontaneous events.

Canadian Polish Congress, Toronto District