June 20, 2008 - Toronto Star - response to articles

  On June 17, The Star published the following article:




On June 18, The Star published, on p. AA3, the following article titled:

"Last Polish Sonderkommando dies at 85 after heart surgery"

The article makes it clear that Mandelbaum was a Jew.  The title, however, incorrectly states there were "Polish" Sonderkommandos.  Why not title it "Last Jewish Sonderkommando dies at 85 after heart surgery"?

Many (Polish) Jews left Poland for Israel.  Does that make them Polish (by birth) or Jewish (by choice)?  For the purpose of statistics, would Mandelbaum be counted as a Holocaust survivor or a Polish patriot?

On behalf of the Polish community in Toronto, we ask that a correction be published.


Canadian Polish Congress, Toronto District