Washington Jewish Week - March 24, 2010
Response to article comment by Vlady Rozenbaum

The Editor,


Vlady Rosenbaum misrepresents the circumstances of publication and the reception of Marek Chodakiewicz's book "After the Holocaust" in Poland. The Polish edition of Dr. Chodakiewicz's book appeared four years after the book was published in English (2003), so it  was hardly a "response" to Jan Gross's "Fear" (2006). Dr. Chodakiewicz's book also received favourable reviews and its critics and others, among them a historian from the Jewish Historical Institute, wrote very critically about Gross's "Fear".

It is misleading to suggest that Dr. Chodakiewicz set out to "unmask" Jews. He provided examples of the varying attitudes toward the Communist regime of known persons, some of whom were very assimilated. The alleged Jewish origin of Aleksander Kwasniewski's father was raised in "Forward" when he was elected president and has recently resurfaced in security reports from that era. Part of the problem is that Kwasniewski is likely the only elected head of state of a democratic country about whose parents we know next to nothing.

Canadian Polish Congress, Toronto District