June 9, 2004 - letter of thanks to CNN, Washington DC


Re:       Documentary: Warsaw Rising


On behalf of the Canadian Polish Congress, Toronto District, I wish to congratulate and thank you for producing the excellent documentary, “Warsaw Rising”, shown on CNN on June 6, 2004.


Films depicting the truth about certain events occurring in Poland during WWII are rare.  The Warsaw Uprising (of 1944) is little known in the West and is, more often than not, confused with the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising (of 1943).  The facts, as depicted in your excellent documentary, are seldom discussed or acknowledged by any of the major leaders in the western world.  The candour expressed in your film was refreshing and greatly appreciated by the Polish community in the Greater Toronto area and beyond.


Again, please accept out thanks and congratulations for your very thoughtful presentation of this very tragic event in our nation’s history.  We wish you continuing success in your career.




Jan Cytowski, President

Canadian Polish Congress, Toronto District